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My Favorite Movies of 2014

I hate lists. And, I love them. The problem with lists anymore is that they’ve become such a cultural mainstay these days that the lines start to blur when it comes to what’s really being discussed. We tend to lose what’s great about anything actually ON the list and instead focus on the order in […]

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Review: Man of Steel

Man of Steel opens with the literal birth of Superman, which serves a greater metaphorical purpose than anything else. Not since the 1978 Richard Donner version starring Christopher Reeve has the character been able to capture cinematic lightning in a bottle. Under the watchful eye (albeit a hands-off approach) to the “rebirth” of the Man […]

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Review: Iron Man 3

Just a forewarning to anyone reading this: If you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet, then DON’T READ my review until you have ‘cause we are packin’ up and heading to spoiler territory. Basically, don’t read this and then whine about me spoiling the movie for you. You will not get any apologies from me. […]

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