Meet and Greet

Life from my rear view.

“Life is not a private affair. A story and its lessons are only useful if shared.”
-Dan Millman

“I am cornholio!”

All right, so welcome to my site. It’s not a blog site, so let’s get that out of the way, even though you’ll probably still call it that. Technically, you could, but really, a blog site is a place for chicks to share recipes and nerds to share video game tips. Which isn’t to say I won’t mention either at some point, but still…

For a few of you, this may be familiar territory, just with a sexier web layout. Working with my kick ass web designer, Phil Retay, will get you that. So, muchas gracias to him for getting me back on my feet and up and running again. Please check out his link, especially if you are looking to get some web design done. He’s your guy, I assure you.

I maintained “Way of the Shirey” for nearly five years on my old blogger. It was fun and a great way to get my writing out there, but I always felt constrained by the design. It just looked shabby and amateurish, which often deterred me from posting.

I took a bit of a hiatus in order to get my head wrapped around my own agenda and figure out a reasonable course for the words I wanted to share with everyone. Good news; Course is set, words ready to be shared.

I have many goals for this site, chief among them getting my writing out to a broader audience. That’s where you come in. Without readers, writing is frivolous. I don’t write to not be read. I write because I love doing it and I love sharing it. So please, share it. Like it. Tweet it. Whatever it.

Another goal is simply to entertain and provoke thought. I’m not trying to change the world with my scribbles, just trying to make my contribution. If change comes, so be it. I’m just giving what I got.

If you’re new here, you’ll know very quickly if you’re ever coming back. It’s like the saying of how a woman knows whether or not she’d sleep with a man within the first sixty seconds of meeting him. With me, it’s just a few paragraphs. But, y’know, with reading, not sex.

I will be sharing a portfolio of my artwork here as well. I didn’t do that on my old site, because it just didn’t feel to be the right place for it. However, as I push not only my writing, but also my art, this is absolutely the place for it. If you’re not into it, that’s cool. It will only be updated in the portfolio tab, so if you just want to read, you won’t be inundated with pretty pictures (except the ones inside the posts).

A word of caution; you probably won’t agree with all I have to say. That’s all right. My old site was no stranger to at least some mild controversy. I’ve been called everything from a sexist to a coward. I’ve felt the cold smack of “word” mud up against my face and I’m still standing. In truth, it’s taught me more about my writing than anything before it. Either way, I stand by my words. I will defend. I may relent. It’s my house, so it’s my rules and my discretion.

Cartoon of Paul

A drawing by one of my coworkers that seems to encapsulate me quite well.

Being honest with your thoughts and feelings is simply not easy. We parade around telling everyone we “just want the truth,” but that’s the biggest lie there is. We want it only when it suits us. Oftentimes, getting the “truth” can be a crushing blow. However, I’m not here to piss in anyone’s Cheerios. But, I am honest in what I have to say, even if it’s at my own expense. Or yours.

We all go through life with a flurry of experiences and it can leave your head reeling. We form opinions, gain perspective, and do our best to weed through it just to make heads or tails of it all. What I offer is my own thought-out perspective on the things that affect me, from hanging Christmas lights, to Osama bin Laden ruining my copy of Schindler’s List, to my first ever business trip.

I’m sure many of you will be able to relate. If you aren’t relating to it, then probably you’re laughing at me for sharing it, which is just fine. If I can get a chuckle out of you then my work has been done here.

If you dig a story or have something you want to say about it, I encourage you to post in the comments section. Don’t be afraid to hit me up with whatever you’ve got. Feedback works to both give you a voice here and also to let me know what’s working for you and what isn’t. (Oh, and spammers will be deleted, no matter how tricky you think you may be by simply posting, “Fantastic blog!” Not gonna work, kemosabe. This isn’t the venue to market whatever you’re selling.)

Occasionally, I will do some movie reviews, although I hate to call them that. As I venture forth to make a career out of my bill-paying skills, I have found that blasting other people’s work in the same field is just asking for trouble. If you’re going to judge someone else harshly then you certainly have to be ready to accept the same criticism yourself. Which, I am.

However, as a mass consumer of nearly all things pop culture, I am certainly entitled to an opinion, and thus, I will give it. There is a price to be paid for that. I’m willing to pay it at this moment in time. It’s much easier to keep your mouth shut, avert your eyes, and stay in your sandbox.

That shit ain’t gonna happen here.

So, to wrap it up and get to the goods, I want to thank you for coming to my site. I hope you come back for more and tell a hundred of your friends to come to. I hope you get something out of what I have to say and that it compels you to share your own thoughts as well.

I think we’re gonna have a good time here. So, pull up a chair, drop your pants, get a tissue, grab the mouse, and-

-oh, wait. Wrong site.

Let’s start again.

Pull up a chair, grab your beverage of choice, roll your scroll, light some candles, put on some slow tunes, and get ready to soak in some hot, warm, word butter.


7 Responses to Meet and Greet

  1. Mr. Boy September 24, 2010 at 5:41 am #

    Five words.

    ‘A’ ‘Git’ ‘Ya’ ‘Own’ ‘Corvette”

  2. Derek M. September 24, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    Great read Paul!!

  3. Paul Shirey September 24, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    Oooohhhhhh, Foooooooorrrrrrrd! Thanks D!

  4. Craig Bock September 24, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    Right on Pual looks good man

  5. Kenny the Tulip September 25, 2010 at 3:33 am #

    Fantastic site my friend! I’m just glad you haven’t mentioned me by name.. I don’t want the feds knowing anything about my “business”

    • Paul Shirey September 25, 2010 at 4:06 am #

      Your secret identity is safe with me “tulip.”
      Just don’t fuck me over on the doughnuts, knowwhatI’msayin’??

  6. Albert September 30, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    keep your mouth shut, avert your eyes, and stay in your sandbox . . . HMMM !

    The only sand I like is white & sugary, and is gradually being taken over by crystal clear saltwater . . . the only time the mouth is shut is when I’m in that same saltwater . . and if I have my eyes averted then I can’t opine about all the bullshit that I see . . . which unfortunately, seems unimportant to the worldly masses as the wolf shepherds them thru their daily routines and into the abattoir ! !

    Let’s git it on ! !

    Also, the site is very easy on the eyes, intuitive, and highly professional . . Have Phil contact me if he wants to make some fun cash . . I could use his services.

    Long time Bud . . .

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