American Horror Story season 2 to be completely new story and cast

by Paul Shirey

For fans of the hit FX show “American Horror Story,” left with the burning question of “what next?” after the finale we have an answer.  You can expect…the completely unexpected.  According to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, season 2 will be “a brand-new home or building to haunt,” with none of the season one characters returning (This is a particular shame for the “hot version” of the French Maid).  However, in another interesting twist, Murphy says that he may have season one cast members return in completely different roles in later seasons.

Anyone who has seen the show knows that it certainly isn’t traditional, with a number of twists and turns that constantly shock and surprise in great ways.  The finale wrapped everything up to the point that there really isn’t much more to be done, which makes the series more of a horror anthology series (a la Twilight Zone or Tales From the Crypt).  Murphy went on to elaborate the bonus of doing the show season-by-season, which is that it would be easier to get big-name stars to commit to one season of the show rather than an indefinite run. Jessica Lange brought the thunder with her role in season one and Kate Mara had the best part of her career thus far.  There is definitely room for stars to shine in this show.

I suppose the main conflict is whether or not fans of the show will roll with the concept.  We tend to get attached to characters and if they’re only going to be around for one season it may not be worth the investment for some.  Personally, I loved the first season and I’m excited to see a show take such bold risks.  I mean, how many people can you kill off and fill the house in season one with?  After a while the whole thing would get a bit crowded.  I think the concept of bringing in bigger names to the cast and even bringing back old cast members in different roles is kind of genius.  And if they brought back the French Maid (played by the luscious Alexandra Breckenridge) in ANY form, I’d be game.

I’m down for the concept.  What about you?

Oh, and here’s some pics that are COMPLETELY relevant to this story.

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