First official image from Ben Affleck’s “Argo” now online

Actor cum director Ben Affleck is featured in all his 70’s splendor in this first image from “Argo” the new thriller from Warner Brothers set to bow in September 2012.  The film centers on a plot by the CIA to smuggle out six American hostages taken by the Iranian government in 1979 by a very unusual and clever way: using a fake science fiction film.

Affleck, who is also directing, is playing Tony Mendez, a CIA “ex filtration” expert who is under pressure to devise away to help six American’s in hiding to escape the country.  His eventual plan was to create an entirely fake Hollywood production company, working with well-known industry professionals to concoct the plan, even hiring Oscar winning make-up artist John Chambers (Planet of the Apes) to assist.  Utilizing an actual science fiction project called “Lord of Light,” which eventually fell through due to funding, Mendez “greenlit” the project as a CIA front to rescue the hostages, who would be posing as members of the crew scouting locations in Iran.  Another interesting fact is that the project had production drawings by none other than the legendary Jack Kirby (co-creator of Captain America, X-Men, etc.)

Creating fake identities, business cards, posters, etc., Mendez slipped into Iran in order to assist the six Americans in getting back to the states.  It’s kind of an amazing story, one that you would be hard pressed to believe if it didn’t really happen.  The script is based on the original article written for Wired Magazine, which you can check out here.  It’s a very compelling read, but be warned of spoilers.  However, I will spoil this: Affleck will wear bell bottoms.  That’s a fact.

“Argo” co-stars Alan Arkin (Grosse Point Blank), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), John Goodman (Red State), Kyle Chandler (Super 8), Michael Parks (Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2), Rory Cochrane (Dazed and Confused) and Clea Duvall (The Faculty).  The pic is produced by George Clooney, who loves this Mideast stuff, so I’m sure we’ll get some politics injected.  However, Affleck really knocked it out of the park with “The Town,” and I’m really interested to see if he can steal another base with “Argo.”  If he keeps up this momentum he may well be headed to Mel Gibson territory, hopefully with less racial slurs.

This is sounding pretty kick ass to me.  I’m sure a trailer will be forthcoming, but in the meantime we can all enjoy Affleck’s 1970’s Chewbacca look.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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