Poster revealed for “The Paperboy” starring McConnaughy, Effron, Cusack,

I’ve heard next-to-nothing about this flick, but the poster looks intriguing; kind of a retro 70’s style homage.  “The Paperboy” is the story of a reporter (Matthew McConnaughy) and his brother (Zac Effron) who return to their Florida hometown to investigate a murder that could free a man convicted of it on death row (John Cusack).  Nicole Kidman is playing a sultry woman who is writing to Cusack’s character in prison and helps the two brothers in investigating the murder.  The biggest sell on the poster is Cusack’s eyes, which are pretty damn intense.  It’s as if someone just told him that “1408” was a pile of shit. 






















It sounds interesting, but doesn’t exactly get me frothing at the mouth to see it.  Although everyone involved (minus Effron) has done great work in the past, none of them have really delivered anything outstanding in years.  The film is directed by Lee Daniels, who directed the surprise hit “Precious,” which I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoyed.  Okay, maybe a little ashamed, but shit, I love Troll 2.  Sue me.  Keep your fingers crossed for a scene involving fried chicken theft at the hands of McConnaughy.  Ultimately, I think the sell on this pic will hinge on Daniels more so than anyone else.

Tobey Maguire was originally cast as one of the brothers, but dropped out last June and Sofia Vergara was originally cast in the Kidman role, but had to drop out due to her cleaveage-showing commitment to ABC’s Modern Family.

“The Paperboy” bows sometime in 2012.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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