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Ah, let the onslaught begin.  I’m sure it won’t be long before we get an official Lizard image from 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, but until then the leaks will trickle in via everything BUT the official source.  Case in point; a slew of product images of Spidey merchandise from MegaBloks and some remote controlled vehicles, complete with a remote featuring the scaly mug of Dr. Curt Conners himself, The Lizard.  This is the most photogenic image we’ve had thus far of Rhys-Ifan’s as the central villain.

The MegaBloks sets reveal some set piece spoilers, but nothing that’s going to spoil the movie for you.  There is a “Swat Lizard” in one of the sets, which falls in line with an earlier rumor that Conners would be making a “gang” of Lizards to fight the ol’ webhead.

To see the full line up of toys, click here.

Aside from the MegaBloks sets, which I can see kids getting into, why in the Holy Hell do we need Spider-Man and the Lizard in quads, cars, and submarines?  I mean, really?  This is a reboot.  Are you trying to tell me that Peter Parker is now independently wealthy and can have his own gadgets made a la Bruce Wayne?  I get that they want to market this stuff to kids, but it’s kind of shameless.  If my son asked me to buy him Spider Man on a quad I would demand he find the comic issue that Spider Man ACTUALLY rode on one.

Okay, so he had that Spider-humvee.  Whatever.  I’ll buy the kid the humvee.  If they make one.  Which they won’t.  Because, y’know, that’s actually real.

Shameless merchandise aside, enjoy the glimpses of this yawn-inducing reboot. Personally, I would’ve rather seen a fourth film continuing with the already established characters, no matter  how bad Spider-Man 3 was.  “Amazing” will likely be entertaining to a point, but it’s just so damn unnecessary.

Amazing Spider-Man swings its tired ass into theaters on July 3rd, 2012 in 2D and 3D.

SOURCE: Idle Hands

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