Teaser and Poster for Troma’s “Father’s Day” is about as twisted as you’d expect

This ain’t your Robin Williams’ Father’s Day!  I think that would be a pretty sweet tagline, actually.  Anyways, here is the sick, disgusting, perverted, low-budget teaser for Troma‘s latest entry, “Father’s Day.”  The teaser features a child’s narration, a shadow puppet penis, man-on-man rape, blood, guts, and an eye patch.

So, this way you know it’s good.

It seems much darker than your usual Troma fare, which might actually be a good thing.  Troma films aren’t for all tastes, but if you’re a fan then you know what you’re in for and the shock value is likely to be a lot less to your desensitized brain.  Personally, I dig Troma films for what they are; low-budget gore porn.  It’s not high art, but what the hell, sometimes you just need to take a backseat to all the glossed-over-award-winning-overly-pleased-with-itself Hollywood mainstream and revel in the immature shlock that is Troma.  “Father’s Day” looks to suit that just fine.

Like most Troma films, “Father’s Day” is playing in limited release across the US.  Check below if you’re lucky enough to live in an area that would play this lovely filth:

1/18/12 – Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse Cinema With Producer Lloyd Kaufman
1/19/12 – San Antonio, TX Alamo Drafthouse Cinema With Producer Lloyd Kaufman
1/21/12 – Houston, TX Alamo Drafthouse Cinema With Producer Lloyd Kaufman
2/10/12-2/11/12 – New York, NY Sunshine Cinema With Producer Lloyd Kaufman
2/10/12-2/11/12 – Minneapolis, MN Uptown Theatre
2/17/12-2/18/12 – Denver, CO Esquire Theatre
2/17/12-2/18/12 – Brookline, MA Coolidge Corner Theatre
2/24/12 – Los Angeles, CA The Nuart With Producer Lloyd Kaufman
2/24/12-2/28/12 – Dallas, TX Texas Theatre
3/2/12 – Columbus, OH Gateway Film Center
3/31/12 – Boston, MA Boston Underground Film Festival

Check out the teaser and poster below to get your gore and man-rape on!  Uh, yeah, okay, maybe just the gore.  I’m gonna go ahead and give a NSFW label to the teaser.  I don’t want your co-workers walking in on you watching man rape.  You’re welcome.

SOURCE: Beyond Hollywood

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